Construction Site Security Risks





It is estimated that the UK construction industry, across their building sites, lose over £800 million every year as a result of – theft, vandalism and fire. These activities also cause significant disruption and delays to ongoing works and schedules.

Security Challenges


Vandalism, including arson, is an increasing threat on building sites, show homes and finished properties and can cause significant disruption to building projects.

Plant & Machinery

Many different types of construction plant and machinery are used on building sites. Whilst some can be securely locked away when not in use, others remain vulnerable as they have few security features and are often unregistered making them hard to track if stolen.

Property & Materials

Building sites are packed with construction materials and tools that can easily be stolen including valuable metals, such as copper tubing and cables. Diesel fuel is often siphoned from site vehicles or stolen from storage bowsers.


Health & Safety

Building sites can be dangerous places and present many health and safety hazards. Vandalism can result in damage that can injure, maim or kill site workers. Construction companies can be liable for accidents involving trespassers.

“In dynamic environments such as building sites, access points and arrangements are constantly changing as works progress. This demands a security solution that has the flexibility to quickly and easily adapt to changes whilst continuing to deliver the highest level of security protection.”


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