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Limitless Security is a leading provider of construction site security solutions for the housebuilding and construction industries.  Our business is focused entirely on construction and, with more than 30 years experience, we understand the challenges that the industry faces on a daily basis.

We recognise the requirement to reduce the cost of break-ins, thefts and damage to building sites, whilst maintaining and managing the costs of security within acceptable limits.

Our VIDAR system is designed to provide 24/7 protection by detecting intruders and capturing clear images for full visual verification. It is at the heart of our managed service which provides a unique package of building site management and security solutions including detection, monitoring and response……Read More


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WHY CHOOSE LIMITLESS SECURITY for your site security?


We are housebuilding and construction site security specialists

We are proud to be unique in offering a service that is devoted to your industry’s site security.


We offer a fully managed site security solution

We take away all the hassle involved in installing and maintaining site security equipment on building and construction sites.


We provide an innovative combination of security and protection technologies

VIDAR not only detects intruders but also captures images for visual verification for your site security needs.


We deliver a complete security solution

From security risk assessment to installation, 24/7 monitoring, response and system management our construction site security methods keep you covered..


We provide protection from start to finish

Throughout the build programme – from site clearance to show-houses and finished builds our site security has you protected.


We have over 30 years’ industry knowledge

We know and understand the site security challenges that you face.


We offer a fixed cost site security solution

Fixed monthly cost with no extra charges – no matter how often security guards are called to site.


We require no fixed term site security contracts

Use for as long as you need to – without signing up to a fixed term site security contract.


We deliver fast and easy deployment

We install building site security in minutes – without requiring external power, control panel, telephone or internet.


And we are easy to use in every way

VIDAR just works! No need for any input from your site personnel.


Spooky woman or ghost seen on building site in Birmingham

Weird? Spooky? It certainly is!

Our security cameras have captured criminals, intruders, and even cats, ...

Are you expecting the unexpected?

Faced with an increase in the level of break-ins, thefts ...


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